If you love, you must know someone in truth. Love cannot be fake: fake love is lust, desire, acting, and Hollywood. The elite entertainers have used their looks and their emotions as weapons or commodities, and can no longer ascertain what is love, or truth, or beauty.

Sydney may have lost in love (have not we all) but he knew better. Far better. For the beauty in the world reflected the love he had lost, yet he would not be without that beauty.

Quiet the loud Tyrants of this time, who only have one note: instead know that the defeats and wrecks of our infatuations may lead to a godly sorrow that reforms us, and leaves us open to love the creator, and from that we may be able to, as Sydney did, marry and be placed within a family.


O eyes, which do the spheres of beauty moue;
Whose beames be ioyes, whose ioyes all vertues be,
Who, while they make Loue conquer, conquer Loue;
The schooles where Venus hath learnd chastitie:

O eyes, where humble lookes most glorious proue,
Onely lou'd Tyrans, iust in cruelty,
Do not, O doe not, from poore me remoue:
Keep still my zenith, euer shine on me;

For though I neuer see them, but straightwayes
My life forgets to nourish languisht sprites,
Yet still on me, O eyes, dart down your rayes!
And if from majestie of sacred lights

Oppressing mortal sense my death proceed,
Wraceks triumphs be which Loue hie set doth breed.

Sir Philip Sydneyfocus photography of gray and black pigeons behind Eiffel Tower
Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia / Unsplash

Love is ephemeral, because we are. Our time is limited. Sydney died young, leaving his widow childless: and his Stella is no more. Yet we should love, for this reflects the characther of our creator.

The fact it ends is no excuse. Even the moderns knew this.

Ts’ai Chi’h

The petals fall in the fountain,
the orange coloured rose-leaves,
Their ochre clings to the stone.

Ezra Pound

Eternity is within us, yet the time of this pilgrimage is shortened. But know this: it is people who will go onto eternity. It is far far better to love, to nurture, to care for, bleed over, weep and care for that person whom you love. For they will continue beyond any possessions you have.

They will continue beyond the moon and the stars and the sun: in bliss or damnation. It is love that puts the beloved first in all things that teaches Venus to be chaste. Hollywood has forgotten this.

But Hollywood is as ephemeral as yesterday's newspaper.