Live acoustically. One of the good things about holidays in rural NZ is that you cannot get much internet or much reception for TV. So you don't watch it. Instead of spending an hour being emotionally manipulated by the propaganda that used to be called the news, you go for a walk.

The walk is good for you. The talk with your spouse and children is good for you. The screen time is bad for you. We are now mainly streaming the programs we want. Very rarely, very rarely, they are on TV.


TV is bad for you. Fred is right: it is becoming more like a sewer each week.

The de-Christianization of the country, or at least this part of it, is almost complete. I can think of hearing the word “Christmas” only twice in two weeks of trough-inciting retail advertising.

Culture shock: We stayed with friends who for various reasons, such as being in the business, always had a television on. At home in Mexico we got rid of the lobotomy box some fifteen years ago, seeing little advantage in paying seventy dollars a month for 250 channels, none worth watching, adorned with twenty minutes an hour of stupid commercials. Coming back to this was like jumping into raw sewage. Perhaps the worst of it was the contempt for the public manifested in running the same ad twice in one commercial break, and in the loving close-ups of pizzas with dripping cheese. Buy, buy, buy.

Fred Reed

If you do not have a TV, do not buy one. If you have one, delete sky TV or your cable (or go "internet only"): if you want movies you can use Lightbox or Netflix. It would probably be better to use a computer to see them anyway: the resolution of monitors is now better than 4k.

Instead, talk. Read. Play games. Walk. Give your dog some attention. Listen to music, or better, pick up an musical instrument and make some.

Your time on this world is limited. Do not use it on the agenda of those who have enough money to pay for television programs or advertisements. They want you to converge with them. We need to not be like that.